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  • Dedicated Team of HR Experts On Call
  • Employee Training & Customized Program
  • Comprehensive Compliance Database
  • Professional HR Tools
  • Employee Handbook
  • Expert HR Guidance
  • and More!

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HR Solutions Built and Priced for small businesses

  • HR Advisors When YOU Need Them

    PHR, SPHR, HRCI Credentialed. Over 15 years experience. Privately ask your toughest questions 12 hours a day, 5 days a week. Available by phone, email or chat.
  • HR Specific Search Engine

    Quickly search an up-to-date Compliance Library Database, complete with forms, templates, policies, white papers, charts, premium tools and much more. Accessible anytime.
  • Certified Employee Training

    Over 300 Certified Training Courses, including state-specific compliance requirements. Progress Tracking Dashboard with automatic reminders and completion certificates. Experts customize a training program that is an exact fit for your business.

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AllMyHR™ Solutions include:

HR Advisors On Call

Each Advisor averages 15+ years experience. Our credentialed Human Resource Experts are available by phone, email or chat to answer all your HR Questions. Unlimited support requests.

Training & Certification

300+ Manager and Employee Training Courses with Certifications. Unlimited Employee Certifications.

Compliance Database

Up to the minute updates. Organized, easy to use database or forms, posters, white papers, checklists, sample policies, law alerts and much more. Stay compliant at the click of a button.

Employee Handbook

Effortless Employee Handbook creation. Our Living Employee Handbook is quick to create and can be shared electronically or printed. Update alerts are satisfied with a click of a button.

9 Premium HR Tools

Build Professional Job Descriptions faster than ever. Calculate accurate Salaries based job title and locality. Set up your state and local law alerts. Join Recertification Webinars on today's topics...and much more!

and much more...

With thousands of up-to-date tools, documents, checklists, forms, news and information at your fingertips. AllMyHR™ ensures your business will employ the latest best practices in compliance.

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AllMyHR™ Helps Businesses Nationwide.

Employee Handbooks Built
HR Advisor Consultations
Completed Training Courses

Last Month.

AllMyHR™ Helps Businesses Nationwide.

Employee Handbooks Built
HR Advisor Consultations
Completed Training Courses

Last Month.

We offer all of these services requiring your staffing, payroll or insurance.

Flat Rates. Expert Service. Smarter Hr.

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Built and Priced for Small Businesses.

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