New Work Normal: Is There One?

Back to Work Amidst COVID

The end of summer traditionally signals the start of a busy period for employers and HR professionals, as they update their policies to reflect regulatory changes, complete their HR initiatives for the year, and start their next-year planning. This fall promises to be especially active given the continuing pandemic and related HR challenges.

Typically, the start of the school year has little impact on the HR agenda. But, as with so many things, we are seeing a different trend this year. The start of the 2020-2021 school year has created confusion and disruption for both parents and their employers. As a result, we’ve been fielding urgent questions about how to handle a variety of situations, including how online vs. in-person school impacts employee leave.

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Return to Work Checklist

A complete checklist for a returning workforce and the necessary steps to help ease the transition. 

With more states set to start their school year next month, these types of questions will only intensify. To help your clients, we’ve published a Back-to-School FAQ about leave under the Family First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) that’s now available on Comply.

In addition, to help ensure employees understand and accept an employer’s COVID-19 workplace policies, we also recently published a new COVID-19 Policies and Acknowledgements document that can also be found on the platform.

Educating Employees & Manager on DE&I

In June, I mentioned the national focus on racial justice and how it has resulted in employers seeking advice on how to handle the topic with employees. At the time, we published two guides to address both workplace compliance issues raised by race, protests and politics, and steps companies can take to support equality and racial justice. That was just the start of a series of steps we’re taking to ensure your clients have a trusted, simple, and accessible way to get started with their own diversity, equity, and inclusion (“DE&I”) efforts.

Part of harassment prevention is educating employees and managers on DE&I to help support an inclusive workplace culture. Next week, we will be adding four new DE&I online learning courses to the Workplace Harassment Prevention Catalog to help support HR teams in fostering a healthy work environment. All existing WHP clients will automatically have access to these new courses addressing unconscious bias and workplace diversity. In the coming months, we will continue to produce and deliver educational and supporting materials via webinars and our platform.

"It's never been more critical to have the insights, skills and tools to confidently manage a workplace and workforce. Supporting Small Business HR - it's what we do."

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You can count on us to continuously invest in our product, services, and content to support you and your clients. Thank you as always for your continued partnership.

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